Ready for School

Ready for School


As Ain’t Misbehavin’ Dog Training, Tracey Louper has been helping people and their dogs for over 25 years. Offering private in-home consultation and obedience training classes, Tracey will train you to train your dog using positive reinforcement and negative punishment, not force or correction.  This way of training does not require the owner to be stronger than the dog, just smarter, and strengthens the bond between dog and owner.  The goal is a dog that fits comfortably within his or her family.

Why train your dog?

  • A trained dog is easy to live with
  • A trained dog can accompany you more places
  • A trained dog helps keep you fit by being a welcome walking or jogging partner
  • A trained dog is less likely to end up in a shelter or rescue
  • A trained dog is a good neighbor
  • A trained dog opens new avenues for volunteering such as children’s reading programs,hospital and nursing home visits
  • A trained dog is less likely a bored dog and so is less likely to be destructive
  • A trained dog can make his owner proud
  • A trained dog is a beautiful dog – Beauty is as Beauty does
  • A trained dog is a loved dog

Ain’t Misbehavin serves all of Yolo County and will travel outside the county for special circumstances.

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