In Home

Behavior Consultation

To address one or more specific behavior or attitude problems, I will come to your home and see your dog in action.  I discuss general training principles, apply them to your unique situation, demonstrate remedial exercises to modify your dogs behavior, and provide a written summary overview of our meeting.

Welcome Home Consultation

Give your new dog the right start.  During this in home consultation I will cover how to build a bond with your dog and avoid the most common behavior problems.  Topics include, house breaking, chewing, possessiveness, coming when called.  (This visit is offered free of charge for those who have recently adopted a dog from the Yolo County Animal Services Shelter.  Contact Ain’t Misbehavin’ within one week of adoption.)

Private Lessons

If classes don’t suit you, I provide private lessons, teaching you how to train your dog.

In Home Training

To build a good relationship with your dog, I believe you must do the training.  However, if your dog is more than you can handle right now, I can start the dog’s training, smooth some rough edges, and then train you to take it from where I leave off.


Puppy Starter Class

For puppies 12 to 16 weeks, this class allows puppys learn how to play well with others and teaches owners how shape behaviors now for success in the future.  4 weeks

K9 Manners


In this class you will learn how to motivate your dog to work with you and how gain you dog’s attention, both of which will be needed before you can train your dog to do anything.  3 weeks

Level I – Skills

Covers how to teach basic behaviors:  sit, down, stand, stay, come, loose leash walking.  5 weeks

Level II – Application

Work on perfecting basic behaviors and performing in the face of distraction.  Emphasis on practical application of basic behaviors to everyday life, eg. greeting new people.  5 weeks

Continuing Practice

This is a drop-in class for those who want to train their dog in a structured setting.  Classes will alternately focus on specific behaviors such as recall, stays, loose leash walking, etc.  Consent of instructor required.

Disruptive Dog

Is every walk a battle?  Does your dog embarrass you with aggressive, leash tugging, lunging displays?  Has your dog been banned from other training classes?  In this class you will learn management techniques while you work on decreasing your dog’s offensive behavior.

K9 Nose Work

This is a great way to play with your dogs by allowing them to do what comes naturally – use their nose.  Dogs are trained to find specific odors.  It is great mental stimulation for dog and can be done anywhere.  This is an excellent game for dogs that are out of control in the presence of other dogs – each works individually.  It has also proved to be a great way for shy dogs to get a confidence boost.


This beginning class introduces dog and handler to the basic concepts of scent work.  Rather than discouraging sniffing by your dog, this class encourages it!


Take the game to the next level.  Teach your dog to find specific odors.


This class will offer training challenges and on-going practice in preparation for competition (or just to impress your friends.)

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